Nights i egen hög person

#Sega har idag skickat ut ett pressmeddelande där de tillkännager att Wii-spelet #NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams kommer att släppas i Europa under januari månad nästa år. Spelet är #Sonic Teams uppföljare till deras Saturn-klassiker NiGHTS into Dreams... och kommer bland annat att inkludera co-op och online-stöd.

SEGA® of Europe Ltd. today announced that NiGHTS™: Journey of Dreams for the Wii™ video game console will ship January 2008, in Europe. The title, a sequel to the critically-acclaimed hit NiGHTS, will allow players to take flight, unleash incredible airborne maneuvers, and explore seven magnificent worlds of imagination, dreams and nightmares. SEGA also unveiled plans to reawaken the Artificial Life (A-Life) feature in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, which gives gamers the freedom to oversee and develop their own sandbox environment enabling them to capture, raise, and even combine the inhabitants from the world of Nightopia, and has confirmed that the game will feature a two-player mode and network support at launch.

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