#NCsoft har uppdaterat sitt superhjälte-onlinerollspel #City of Heroes med uppdatering 15 - även kallad "Anniversary". Uppdateringen kallas för detta eftersom spelet nu varit igång i hela fem år, vilket inte alls är någon pjåkig siffra i dessa sammanhang.

Bland nyheterna märks 10 nya uppdrag, återkomsten av elakingarna i 5th Column och lite annat smått och gott. Intresserade bör kika i info-rutan här nedanför för att få en fullständig bild av exakt vad Issue 15 medför.

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Issue 15 Overview

Our next update, appropriately named Issue 15: Anniversary, features a host of new features and content including major updates and improvements to the Mission Architect system.

5th Column Task Force

* Villain Strikeforce (Levels 45 - 50): 5 Missions
o The Villains are hired for what seems like a simple, high-paying job: Steal information from the Hero 1 Time Capsule. Things go awry when the job ends up leading to the return of an enemy from the past. Now the villains have to deal with the mess they've made - while trying to make as much profit from it as possible.
* Hero Taskforce (Levels 45 - 50): 5 Missions
o The Heroes follow the trail of some stolen information to find that an old foe is returning... in a big way! Forced to deal with an invasion, the Heroes must scramble to find a way to defeat a seemingly unstoppable enemy.

New Costumes - New Issue 15 costumes include the Vines and Ulterior themed costume sets. More details to come!

New Costume Change Emotes* - Just recently introduced in Super Booster II: Magic, Costume Change Emotes represent a brand new feature type that provide fun and colorful transitions between two different costumes for a given character. Players activate them using the costume change interface, selectable from the main Menu.

* Backflip
* Salute
* Howl
* Evil Laugh
* Peacebringer Transform (Kheldians only)
* Warshade Transform (Kheldians only)
* Vanguard Sigil

*By default characters only have one costume slot, and must unlock additional costume slots through activities in the game. This can be accomplished by completing costume slot missions at levels 20, 30, and 40; and by using Halloween Event salvage (which can also be bought, sold or traded via the in-game Consignment Houses).

New Character Faces - Over 20 new character faces provide even more options for character customization

Mission Architect Updates

* Architect toolbox allows players to better and more easily polish their content before sharing it with the public.
* Missions can now be selected for both "Hall of Fame" and "Dev Choice," allowing players to attain both badges. "Dev Choice" missions also have selectable reward types.
* Enhanced searching and navigation options like key phrase tagging and arc difficulty display help players find the content they're looking for even faster
* New Server-wide Architect Chat channel
* Plus several other features and improvements to Mission Architect

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