Den av många hyllade [[Close Combat]]-serien (i alla fall del två och tre) ska återlanseras. Bakom projektet står den oberoende utgivaren #Matrix Games och utvecklarna CSO Simtek och på GameSpot intervjuas representanter från de båda företagen om sina planer, som sträcker sig längre än rena ansiktslyftningar.

GameSpot: Why revisit the Close Combat series now? Some of the games in the series are a decade old at this point. The series briefly enjoyed some mainstream success, but that was long ago.

Shaun Wallace: There are many reasons to revisit the series now, which I will try to outline here. As a series, Close Combat will be familiar to many older players, but to a large extent, many younger players will be totally unaware of it as a game. This is a game that many publications hold in high regard but many people currently playing PC games will be totally unaware of. There is a large modding community out there which will give a massive boost to the rerelease of the games. With more than 4,000 mods and maps available from full-blown total game conversions to simple data or graphic mods, the series can cover almost every major conflict in recent history.

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