Om en månad får alla ägare av #Supreme Commander anledning att dra ut i krig igen, premiären för expansionen #Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance är nära. Gamespot har tagit en titt på nyheterna,

Forged Alliance picks up a year or two after the events of Supreme Commander, and it turns out that a lot happened between when you "won" that game and the beginning of Forged Alliance. The firing of the Black Sun superweapon actually opened a portal to another dimension, which allowed the powerful Seraphim aliens to invade. The aliens are driven by a belief that they must wipe out all human life from the galaxy, and this forces the surviving United Earth Federation and Cybran Nation factions to make an alliance. The Aeon Illuminate has mostly sided with the aliens, though some Aeon rebels have joined up with the UEF and Cybran coalition.

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