#Epic Games karismatiske chefdesigner [[CliffyB]] har på blivit internintervjuad av Unreal-papporna själva. Temat för dagen är inte helt oväntat actionspelet #Gears of War som blir ett av Microsofts främsta vapen när konsolkriget trappas upp i höst med lanseringen av [[Playstation 3]].

What are the game?s features?

Gears isn?t just a laundry list of features: Gears is an experience. You don?t just take control of Marcus and Delta Squad. You slip into their skin, their universe, their hopes, dreams, and nightmares.

First and foremost, Gears is about cover. To survive you need to take cover; running and gunning in this brutal world will only get you killed. If it looks like you can take cover, you can: dive against a wall, blind-fire your gun around a corner, climb over a wall, and race for the next safe spot.

Also, in Gears you?ll never fight alone. As a member of Delta Squad you?ll fight side by side with some of the toughest soldiers around. In fact, you can play through the entire game cooperatively with a pal.

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