#EA:s pr-filurer har antingen gjort ett uselt eller lysande jobb vid det tidiga arbetet med att marknadsföra #Command & Conquer 4. Spelet blev officiellt för en dryg månad sedan, men innan dess läckte (eller släpptes de medvetet som en läcka?) en hel del information om såväl spelets existens som nyheterna.

Nu har nämnda nyheter hursomhelst blivit helt och hållet officiella. Mobila baser, erfarenhetspoäng och utveckling, klassbaserade strider och fem mot fem online.

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Key Features

- The Epic Conclusion of the Saga - Command & Conquer 4 brings the 15-year Tiberium saga to a powerful and epic conclusion, told through grittier and darker live action cinematics, the return of Nod?s enigmatic leader Kane (Joe Kucan) and all the answers on the fate of Earth, GDI, Tiberium, Nod and most of all, Kane himself.

- First Class-based C&C - Play as Offense, Defense or Support classes from GDI and Nod. Each class is unique, offering players different play styles, giving you tons of strategic options and coming with its own set of units designed to support your chosen style.

- Mobile bases! - The Crawler is your giant, new, all-in-one mobile base that you control on the battlefield to produce new units, structures, powers and upgrades, each specific to the class and faction you chose to play with. Build units and store them in your hull as you move around the map and surprise your enemy with a sudden fury of units!

- Persistent Player Progression - Every unit you destroy awards you with experience points. Level up and spend your experience points on new units, powers and upgrades that give you more strategic options to choose from. Your progression is stored in your online profile that you can access from any PC with C&C 4 installed.

- 5v5 Multiplayer - With its objective-based 5v5 multiplayer, Command & Conquer 4 brings a new, social, real-time-strategy experience to your PC. Choose your individual classes and play together as a team to conquer your enemy. The all-new party system lets you move with your party of friends from one online battle to the next.

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