Spelet har inte nått butikerna än men #Konami har redan släppt ett pressmeddelande där de berättar om den första uppdateringen. Utöver uppdateringar till de nuvarande lagens uppställningar kommer även fyra fullt licenserade spanska lag läggas till: Athletico Madrid, Sevilla, Racing Santader och Vallaldolid. Även legendläget kommer få sig en extra krydda i form av Theatre of Legends där du kommer kunna dela med dig av dina egna och se andras repriser.

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The download will be available in about three weeks, and updates four Spanish sides - Athletico Madrid, Sevilla, Racing Santander and Valladolid, - all of whom will be officially licensed. Furthermore, it will also update the kits and team rosters of many teams within the game. The UEFA Champions League mode will also benefit from the new update, with twelve more teams added to the club list, with proper UEFA Champions League kits and kit markings added. Amongst the teams fully updated within this mode now will be Marseille, Juventus, and Basel.

The game also includes new Become a Legend and Legends modes, wherein players guide one player within a team either solo or online. Expanding upon this, the update also adds a new Theatre of Legends function which allows users to upload replay data for friends to view, and to view those of others.

New control systems wherein the player can now perform tricks and feints without the use of special moves have been implemented, and the way the player guides the ball has been changed. The PES series has always treated the ball as a separate entity, but new calculations related to the air resistance and friction of the ground make passing and movement in PES 2009 a great deal more realistic.

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