#Paradox visade upp #Hearts of Iron III inför publik i går och berättade om en del ändringar och nyheter - här nedan följer en lista över några av dem. Håll utkik efter en kort intervju med utvecklingsbossen Johan Andersson. Vi har också fått tag på ett knippe nya bilder.

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AI assisted Unit Interface - When a unit is selected it will provide the player with its current situation (negative or positive), and if it has been given a specific objective what the unit believes it requires in order to succeed.

Improved Espionage - Players will receive more useful reports from their spies in the field including where enemy units are and what orders they have been given.

New 'Threat' Feature - Replacing the 'Belligerence' concept from Hearts of Iron II, 'Threat' is a more localised and subtle feature, affecting the player's relationships with countries in the immediate vicinity of their aggressive behaviour along with its allies, with a less negative opinion from those states further afield and without a vested interest.

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