Rymden blir om möjligt än mer oändlig under hösten då omtyckta #Galactic Civilizations II expanderar. Dark Avatar, som tillägget är döpt till, diskuteras nyligen på Computer Games Online.

The expansion will be available exclusively through digital distribution, do you think that will limit the sales of Dark Avatar? Why not offer a retail version of the game?

Getting into retail is very, very expensive. And the features we wanted to have in Dark Avatar were also very expensive. We didn?t want to wait until some future sequel in order to have these features.

I suspect you?ve noticed that many expansion packs in the past few years have essentially been just about giving out some new content? new units, new maps, etc.?and they still cost $30. Why is that? The reason is because retail is so expensive that the money that goes into getting that shelf space ends up coming out of the expansion pack?s budget.

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