Danska #Io Interactive har för stunden lämnat sin streckkodstatuerade klon för en duo med smak för action snarare än lönnmord. #Kane & Lynch: Dead Men ska släppas till pc, Xbox 360 och Playstation 3 i mitten av november och IGN har spelat igenom det första uppdraget.

When I first saw Kane and Lynch, way back in August of 2007, Eidos and IO Interactive painted a picture for me. This part of the game wasn't ready yet, but the developer and publisher duo sat me down and described how the game would open. Kane is on his way to be put to death, a criminal whose luck has run out. Or so one would think. Kane is wanted alive by some former merc buddies who decide an all out assault on the heavily guarded convict transport vehicle is the best course of action. This attack is where the game begins. It's also where our recent hands-on demo of the first mission picks up.

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