#Creative Assembly väckte ramaskri när #Napoleon: Total War tillkännagavs då mycket som utlovats till #Empire: Total War inte sett dagens ljus. Nu är åtminstone en ny uppdatering på gång och den kommer nå din dator någon gång i slutet av september. Vad vi ännu vet om uppdateringen är att den är en kavalkad i buggfixar och smärre förändringar. Spana in den ofullständiga uppdateringslistan nedan.

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* Fix for auto unlimbering causing the attack order to terminate prematurely resulting in an inability to stop the unit from firing.
* Fix for troops on fort walls not using fort gun range when judging when to fire on enemy troops.
* Fix for fort guns using wrong targeting formula.
* Fixes to fort pathfinding and use of ropes.
* Multiplayer soft lock fixes.
* Fix crash in quotes table.
* Improved AI diplomacy.
* Cumulative updates to improve AI invasion behaviour.
* Added tooltips for alliance button in diplomacy.
* Bug fixes and improvements to AI counter offers.
* Improvements to AI diplomatic valuation of military access and alliances.
* Fix for wind sounds not working in naval battles
* Fixed ship wakes not always working.
* Fixed disembarking subsets of armies and agents from navies.
* Fixed potential crash disembarking agents from navies.
* Fixed armies not being booted out of regions when losing military access gained by joining an ally in war.
* Improved AI diplomacy valuation of technologies.
* Fix for bug where general's unit for an upper class rebellion was coming from the region owning faction rather than the faction rebelling, even if a suitable unit was available - eg, Cherokee owning a region that rebels to American Rebels, the general's unit was a Native American chief.
* Fixed reinforcements from unreachable positions.
* Fixed bug preventing disembarking.
* Balance of power fix for attack of opportunity.
* Fixed bug that was causing issues with embarking an army containing multiple characters.
* Minor tweak to stop some ship sails endlessly play furling sound.
* Fixed path blocked bug.
* Diplomacy counter-offer improvements.
* Fix for fast forward not working as intended on some PCs. Will always speed up if camera is still, if camera moves fast forward will be as fast as possible on each PC.

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