Folket bakom #Men of War har släppt en ny patch till den hyllade krigsstrategin. Två flerspelarkartor och två truppslag har lagts till, buggar inom områden som grafik, multiplayer och gameplay åtgärdats, plus en hel del annat - kolla in ändringslistan nedan för utförlig info.

Patchen finns i flera versioner, anpassade för de olika versionerna av spelet. För den vanliga butiksversionen gäller multilanguage-patchen (den översta av nedladdningslänkarna nedan) och om du köpt spelet via Gamersgate gäller den undre länken. Fler patchversioner hittas på spelets hemsida.

Men of War släpptes i slutet av februari och det har fått ett mycket fint mottagande. PC Gamer förärade spelet med 85% i betyg i aprilnumret och FZ:s recensent slog till med en fyra. Nätbutiken Direct2Drive säljer för närvarande spelet för högst överkomliga 12,50 pund, ungefär 150 kronor.

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Men of War
Patch v1.11.3 release notes:

* Fixed
. Balanced
+ Added

+ Added DesertWalk map.
+ Added Rustle of Sands map.

* The game now shows a correct error message for unsupported monitor resolutions.
* Fixed a rare bug that caused a crash on a double click in the beginning of a network game.
* Added crash protection for item actions.
* Fixed crashing when trying to connect to a modded game.
* Reduced decrease of projectile's armor-piercing capability on ricocheting at angles smaller than 45 degrees.
* Fixed projectile dispersion of long-barrelled guns like D25 and D10S (dispersion at 110m was equal to that at 130m).
* Soviet stormtrooper has now expert level in machine gun command.
* Increased Sturmtiger accuracy at 100-140m, slightly increased blast wave.
* Fixed "zombie" tankmen that survived vehicle fires.
* Removed Flakpanzer I timers in the No Refund mode.
* Fixed Elefant armour (could be pierced at 168mm).
* Slightly increased T29 barrel angle.
* Increased speed of PzKpfw III (30), PzKpfw IV (27-28).
* Fixed PzKpfw IV E damage.
* Reduced maximum allowed units per maps Village (4x4), Tramway depot (2x2), Kanawa mine (2x2).
* Fixed antitank grenades: now they don't pierce turrets and engines or tear off turrets, their raduis of infantry damage increased.
* Added score for tanks hit in turrets when ammo rack explodes.
* Slightly increased accuracy of rifles and submachine guns at 10-20m
* Increased time to raise the Victory Flag from 5 to 7 minutes.
* Increased heavy tank prices in the Frontline mode.
* Tankmen now appear without an initial timer (for better spawn spot location).

* Fixed remote mining and fieldworks.
* Now only units carrying mines/fieldworks will run to mine/fortify.
* Fixed a bug that could crash the game after barrel manipulation.
* Fixed game crashing on launching the multiplayer mode with incorrect firewall settings.
* Fixed possible game crashing on issuing melee orders.
* Now if a vehicle runs over a friendly soldier, it won't smash the crate he's carrying.
* Improved networking code for better NAT support.

* Fixed Jagdpanzer IV, Pz IV E schemes.
* Now low-profile guns can be used with breastworks.
* Fixed certain map bugs (weapon, lanscape).
* Now Land Mattress won't fire by default.
* Removed the "Turret destroyed" message for self-propelled vehicles.
* Cars now carry repair kits.
* Increased acceleration time of car and armoured vehicles.
* Reduced the maximum turning speed of cars and armoured vehicles.

+ Added T-60, T29 tanks.
* Added scores for burnt units.
* Increased fire resistance of medium and heavy tanks.
* Reduced tank fuel consumption.
* Increased Sturmtiger projectile impulse (for light, medium and heavy vehicles).
* Reduced scout speed.

* Maps and missions
Fixed multiplayer maps:
. bazerville
. borovaya
. farmstead
. forest
. hunting
Fixed single-player maps:
. Baptism by Fire
. Moscow Is Behind Us
. Chasing Shadows
. Scorching Sands
. Desert Stronghold
. Turning Point
New additions:
. Kanawa mine
. Dead River
. Dunverde

* Damage
. Reduced car resistance to HE projectiles.
. Increased power of 37-57mm HE projectiles.
. Now breastworks can be damaged by 37-57mm HE projectiles.
. Now Bazooka damages cars.
. Reduced decrease of ranged armour-piercing capability of anti-tank rifles and heavy machine guns.
. Fixed impenetrable truck canvas cover.
. SPG barrel mobility now is restored completely after repairs.
. Piercing gun mask now causes at least some breakage.
. Reduced sloped armour effect for large-calibre projectiles.
. Reduced power of large-calibre HE projectiles.
. Increased blast wave radius of AA and HE projectiles.
. Reduced armour-piercing capability of M4A1 Sherman gun.
. Increased armour-piercing effect of the British anti-tank rifle.
. Removed bullet evasion possibility for soldiers under cover.
. Reduced blast wave radius clipping coefficient for prone infantry.
. Car engine can now be destroyed by a single anti-tank rifle shot (AP=20mm).
. German Rocket-launcher infantry now have bulletproof vests.
. German paratroopers now carry +2 Panzerfausts.
. Increased anti-personnel and anti-sandbag effect of rockets.

* Rate of fire
. Increased Sturmtiger reloading time.
. Increased rate of fire of Land Mattress, Calliope and Raketenwerfer 42.
. Increased light machine gun burst.
. Increased Willys reloading time.

* Armour
. BA-64 now has 9mm armour.
. Adjusted front armour of M5A1 hull and turret.
. Fixed thickness of certain Nashorn parts (was equal to zero).
. Fixed IS-2 and IS-3 engine armour.
. Increased the bottom armour plate of M4A1 Sherman to 64mm.

* Accuracy
. Increased allowed dispersion for AI fire (especially AA guns).
. Added dynamic accuracy of heavy and standard mounted machine guns.
. Increased tank gun accuracy.
. Increased Sturmtiger accuracy.
. Increased Panzerfaust accuracy.
. Increased horizontal dispersion of HE projectiles.
. Increased long-barrelled gun accuracy.
. Fixed IS-2 HE projectile accuracy.
. Increased KV-2 projectile dispersion at long ranges.
. Slightly increased ISU-152 projectile dispersion at maximum range.
. Nashorn is now more accurate than other tanks with KwK 43 guns.

* Visibility
. Reduced field gun visibility.
. Added howitzer exposure time on hits at ranges over 170m.


+ Added a separate outfront_mp.exe for multiplayer.
+ Added friends/blacklist interface.
* Optimized vehicle routes in multiplayer.
* Fixed reinforcements in the Frontline mode.
* Fixed player statuses in chat.
* Changed battle score calculation.
* Changed AT mine settings.
+ Added .png screenshots capturing feature.
* Improved single-player missions:
- Scorching Sands - Area where enemy tanks must not get to is now located further.
- Turning Point - Removed a potentially unlimited infantfy stream from one of directions.
- Armistice - The "Block exits" task now disappears.
- Desert Stronghold - Added howitzer ammo, bay fog now can be turned off, fixed battleship destruction on the map edge.
- Arsenal - Now truck drivers of the first column are visible.

The Frontline mode:
* Changed Sevastopol and Moscow map settings.
* Increased round time from 15 to 25 minutes.
* Reduced periodic reinforcements of the attacker from 100 to 60.
+ Defenders now have more reinforcements.
- Removed attacker's infantry limit.
- Defenders now don't have QF 17.


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