Även GameSpy fick ta en snabbtitt på finska #Remedy Entertainments deckare i spelform under Microsoft-evenemanget i Barcelona i veckan. I likhet med andra intryck berömmer de spelets grafik och varierande miljöer men de ställer sig undrande till hur spelets episodindelning kommer att fungera.

As our demo began, the first thing that our demoer pointed out to us was how amazingly detailed the expansive environments are. It's a wide-open game shown from the third-person perspective, but it's a far cry from the urban environments seen in games like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row. You'll be able to explore nearly 100 square kilometers of the Pacific Northwest, from heavily forested valleys to wind-swept mountain peaks to the flat plains. Upon taking a closer look, the smaller parts of the environment (like houses, garages, diners, etc.) are just as detailed, featuring plenty of little touches to make the town seem that much more realistic.

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