Shacknews har publicerat en intressant intervju med två av #id Softwares mest inflytelserika personer - Kevin Cloud och Steve Nix - där de talar om allt från AI:n #Enemy Territory: Quake Wars till deras satsning helhjärtade satsning på Mac.

Well, Apple has obviously been doing well. iPod sales have been strong, and that's driving a new audience of people who have never owned Macs before. There was that existing audience of people who have always been Mac users, but now you're getting new Mac users too. At the same time, with the new Intel architecture, it's really easy to get that code over there. Plus, we use OpenGL, and Macs use OpenGL, so the rendering path was already there. We've been very pleased with the performance results on Mac.

Självklart får de även besvara en del frågor om deras hemliga projekt som uppenbarligen inte kommer att vika av från den väg av adrenlinstinn action i förstaperson som företaget vandrat på sedan 3D-grafikens intåg.

Kevin can talk better about that, but obviously what we've said is that it's a new IP. It's not Doom or Wolfenstein or Enemy Territory. It's new for sure, and we're always looking to broaden the gameplay, but people aren't going to be shocked. You shouldn't expect an RTS or a fighting game or something. [laughs] People are going to like what they see, but it's not going to be shocking.

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