Att en av grundarna av finska #Remedy Entertainment startat en ny [n=18652 utvecklingsstudio] verkar inte störa deras momentum, i alla fall märkts det inte i YouGamers intervju med Markus Mäki och Petri Järvilehto. Pratstunden är den andra av tre planerade artiklar om företaget och dagens avsnitt fokuserar på #Alan Wake.

It was, quite frankly, all just a bit too much. Sam narrated the storyline to us, whilst Petri explained some of the technology and gameplay features; at the same time, they gave us a real-time run through of the looks and some of the locations in Bright Falls - the small town where the game is centred around. We spent far too much time going "Oh my God!" or drooling slack-jawed at the visual feast before our eyes. There's nothing, absolutely nothing, on the market right now that looks as good or as detailed as this, and the guys still insisted that they had greatly improved the animations and so on.

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