Vad sägs om ett dussin filmer från expansionen Forces of Corruption till #Star Wars: Empire at War? Om det kittlar dina smaklökar är IGN nästa anhalt i cyberrymden, de har skaffat fram klipp från såväl molnstaden Bespin och robotfabriken på Hypori.

One of the missions is set amid the wreckage of the recently destroyed Death Star. Floating around the moon of Yavin, the bits and pieces of the dreaded space station - which turned out to be not so invincible after all - form a great backdrop for some thrilling missions. In this case, Zann and his gang have shown up to see what they can scavenge from the wreckage. Unfortunately, both the Rebels and Imperials seem to have the same idea so the player will find himself in a three-way fight to claim whatever technology might be floating around out there.

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