Idag kommer de kärnvapenbestyckade robotorna att hagla över spelvärlden, #Defcon släpps under kvällen. Som uppvärmning hittar du en förhandstitt borta hos Gamers Info, som bland annat beskriver på vilka tre sätt du kan skicka iväg de dödsbringande missilerna.

  • Bombers carry short range missiles (SRBMs). However, the bomber itself has a very long range. Therefore, you can deploy them against far away targets; just beware of enemy fighters and air defenses, though the air defenses will have the least amount of time to try to shoot down the missiles. Even better, if they get back to a friendly airbase or carrier, they can reload.

  • Submarines carry medium range missiles (MRBMs). Best off, they?re hidden unless detected by an enemy fleet on antisubmarine detail or they launch.

  • Your silos can launch ICBMs. While they?re doing that, they can?t act in air defense mode, and they?ll be spotted by your enemies. In air defense mode they do their best to shoot down incoming bombers and missiles towards your cities.

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