Newsweeks flitige spelskribent N'Gai Croal har den senaste tiden publicerat en rad intervjuer med personer från den grupp som gett oss #God of War och #God of War II. Den senaste i raden är seriens fader David Jaffe som fortfarande är seriens ansiktet utåt även om han inte var lika involverade i Kratos andra äventyr som det första

Once the team reached Alpha--and probably a good few months before that--I was a rare figure on the team, only interfacing with Cory and the producer and even then, not that often. Once Cory established a heart of the game that I was happy with, I really stepped away and let Cory run with the ball. I think at the start, some folks were worried I would not be able to let it go and would be bugging folks every day, and sort of ghost directing the game. This did not even come close to happening, much to everyone's health and happiness

Jaffe har istället lagt itt fokus på Playstation 3 och hans kommande Playstation Network-spel #Calling All Cars. Även om han i vissa avseenden tycker att han lyckats bra med sitt första spel till Sonys nya konsol, visar han prov på vad som bara kan ses som en ovanlig dos av ärlighet då han villigt erkänner dess svagheter.

Yes. I learned tons on Calling All Cars. In some ways, it's my best game and my worst game at the same time. I love its spirit and it's heart, but I feel the gameplay is inconsistent. There are moments of sheer joy and then moments of boredom. Granted, this is a problem that plagues most party multiplayer games but it still bugs me that we did not solve it with Calling All Cars. The problem is, sometimes you play it and it's a balls to the wall, trash talking blast. And some times it is just meh.

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