Än har inte den sista mediamusten klämts ur [[QuakeCon]], 1Up leverar en textad pratstund med Paul Wedgewood från #Splash Damage. Vi får bland anna veta att de tagit lite inspiration från #Unreal Tournament (eller var det #Duke Nukem 3D?), spelet kommer att skeppas med ett välutbyggt system för verbala förolämpningar.

1UP: Is it too late to add some kind of way of retaliating when people are teabagging me?

PW: You can -- if you really do suffer from uh, from teabagging, basically I think the best thing you can do is go through the menu and find a good taunt. We have a number of particularly offensive ones in there. And you'd basically just want to taunt the hell out of them continuously. In fact, there's another thing you can do. Track down that guy who's, you know, being somewhat offensive toward you, and you can use our solo assignment system, identify him, and have your entire team just kill the hell out of him.

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