Med #Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare lämnar #Infinity Ward franska stränder och tyska bunkrar för att istället servera oss action i nutida tappning. En skribent på ActionTrip har testat ett par av uppdragen och rapporterar att grafiken är lika vacker i rörelse som på de skärmdumpar vi har matats med under året.

I am sure you have seen the screenshot from the opening of this level with solider in the helicopter chomping on a lit cigar. Watching the game as it ran I can tell you it looks as good as all the screenshots you have seen so far and this level that apparently starts off the game is loaded with plenty of wow factor. For example, as you repel down the rope to the deck of the cargo ship, sheets of rain fall from the heavens and waves crash savagely against the hull showering you with frothy spray. Depending on the wind and which way you are facing, your view becomes obscured as the rain is blown into your face. The effect is mesmerizing.

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