Precis som första Overcooked för två år sedan fick gratis DLC lagom till jul får också Overcooked 2 en julklapp lagom till julmaten; nya kockar, nya kök, nya recept samt ett träningsläge. Vi har inte recenserat den hysteriska co-op-tvåan men jag vill hävda att Overcooked 2 i goda vänners lag definitivt är ett av årets skönaste spel. Ska vi skåla i julmust på det?

  • New kitchens! Expect plenty of Christmas chaos in the five kitchens in Kevin’s cracker. The snow is falling all around but if you can’t stand the cold, don’t set fire to the kitchen.

  • New recipes! Who doesn’t love getting stuffed at Christmas? With Kevin’s Christmas Cracker you have a choice of three new recipes to rustle up! Christmas pudding, mince pies and indulgent hot chocolate are on the menu (don’t forget the whipped cream and marshmallows!)

  • New chefs! Taking a break from making toys, Elf has decided to try his hand at cooking up some festive food. Also, making a merry return is Snowchef, just don’t mistake their carrot nose for an ingredient!

  • Practice mode! This new mode allows chefs to get to grips with Overcooked 2 without the usual pressures of the kitchen. In practice mode the timer counts up, allowing you to cook to your heart’s content and there’s even an option to turn it off all together. Fancy an even more relaxed kitchen? You can turn off scores AND order expirations.