Det tog sin tid, men i somras släpptes till slut #Prey. Betygen varierade kraftigt men överlag var de flesta överrens om att det var ett skapligt pangpang-spel. På Computer and Video Games blickar utvecklarna #Human head tillbaka på valda delar av designen samt suktar med en uppföljare.

We're discussing a lot of cool new ideas for Prey 2, but we can't really talk about them. There's the simple dynamic stuff, developing the Portal system and the improving the way the alien AI uses the portals. Plus, there's already a mod out there that gives you a portal wrench, just the same as in Portal. We don't want to give away some of the cooler new stuff at this stage. We have some ideas that are way beyond how far we went in the first game that we want to explore pretty extensively - we'll definitely be taking things in a different direction next time.