#Epic fortsätter att sälja licenser av sin spelmotor Unreal Engine 3. Senast i raden är den i Kalifornien baserade utvecklaren #Faramix Enterprises, som köpt in sig på motorn för att använda den i en förstapersonsshooter vid namn #End. Informationen är knapphändig; en kort beskrivning av storyn och det vanliga pressreleasesnacket om "stark story" och "innovativt gameplay" samsas med uppgiften att det satsas på premiär år 2009. En titt på Faramix rekryteringssida antyder att spelet är tänkt för pc och Xbox 360.

En kort beskrivning av innehållet:

Miles Caden is haunted by his past. Once a proud military officer and happy family man, he now lives in a perpetual state of regret. Not long after the fateful accident that left him and his best friend dishonorably discharged, he lost his wife to a tragic car accident. Depressed and desolate, he slips into a life of alcoholism. Only his cousin, Chaz, took him in, as he was forsaken by the rest of his family. Nothing seemed to be going right, until one day Chaz offered Miles the chance to get back his dignity. A chance to pull his life together. But nothing comes for free, and Miles has to decide how much he's willing to lose in order to regain his former self.

Lite från pressmeddelandet:

Michael Dehen, President/CEO of Faramix Enterprises LLC comments, "We're proud to announce the licensing of the Unreal Engine 3 as the backbone to our current game title in development, 'End'. We began development with the vision of combining a powerful storyline with innovative gameplay that would raise the standard for FPS everywhere. Now, working with the Unreal Engine 3, it enables our development team to effectively produce the ground breaking quality we've always envisioned. We're eager to show the world our next generation FPS, and with the use of the Unreal Engine 3 we can finally bring our dreams to life."

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