Är du en dedikerad gamer? Kan du känna igen dig i att en del tycker det är synnerligen svårt att berätta för sin nya tjej, eller kille, att man är just en gamer. Att man kanske försvinner in i spelens värld från och till. Ben bjöd hem Tora för första gången, och när han nervöst berättade att han är en gamer såg hon #Borderlands-boxen liggandes varefter hon utbrast:

– Jag älskar Borderlands! Vi spelar!

Så fortsatte det, och de har tillsammans lirat igenom hela spelet och alla tillägg (vissa flera gånger). Ben skickade en förfrågan till Borderlands-skaparna #Gearbox Software och frågade huruvida han kunde få deras hjälp till ett frieri (läs hans original-email under filminbäddningen). Kort och gott - hon sa ja, och nämna frieri, samt hennes respons, går att beskåda nedan. Är du känslig för svordomar och Borderlands-humorn bör du vara förberedd på en smärre chock.

Man skulle kunna påstå att det är lite olämpligt.

– Det är OK. Vi är lite olämpliga, sa Tora till Kotaku.

Bens första mail till Gearbox

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I'm contacting you guys to see if I can ask for something, and to just pass on something that may make you guys smile.

Long story short, when my girlfriend and I started dating, the first day she and I spent together at my place I had to have that talk that every gamer has at some point when they start dating...the "I'm a gamer, there are days it will distract me and I'll be playing all day, I hope this isn't an issue" conversation. Before I was even able to finish she saw that I had my Borderlands box on my couch and immediately turned and said "I love Borderlands! Let's play!" Since then, we have co-op'ed the entire game from start to finish, both playthroughs, as well as every DLC. It's almost become an odd staple in our relationship, but neither of us would have it any other way.

Now comes the part where I ask for something. I'm planning to propose to her in a few months (April, on a date that holds some significance to us both) and I came up with this crazy idea to contact you guys and see if this was possible. I would like to know if there's any way possible to get a short video clip of a claptrap (or any other character for that matter, she loves Marcus, Moxxi, and Knoxx, but ClapTrap is her favorite) doing a video message and proposal to her (or build up to it). We're local here in the DFW area and actually have a few friends that playtest for you guys so we could easily get and send you video afterwards, and if it's a matter of costs, I'm open to negotiation. I just know that something like that would be an amazing way to use the game that easily made that awkward starting out stage of any relationship go extremely smooth, and even to this day still has alot of value. As I type this, she's down in the living room prepping for us to play through General Knoxx's Armory for the 3rd time.

Thank you guys again. I love the work you do, and appreciate the fact that coop games that don't just take 5 hours to beat and don't require an internet connection do still exist. It's rare to find that nowadays but it's well received. Even if my request isn't possible, I hope at the least that you guys feel great about the fact that you have been a big part of this relationship as much as her and I are that we had the game, and you, to thank for the fun we've had with it.